SNADs supplied by Troyer Products

(SNap ADhesively attached)

Troyer Products is a supplier of a unique fastener made by YKK (U.S.A.) Inc., widely used in the marine industry. Unlike traditional metal screw studs used for marine applications, this product will not snag clothing or deteriorate from exposure to sunlight, sand and dirt. What’s even more amazing about this snap component is how it is secured to a boat’s surface. On the underside of the plastic dome is a pad of 3M™, VHB™ acrylic conformable foam adhesive tape that enables the snap to adhere to boat surfaces without having to drill a hole. For more than 20 years the VHB™ product line has proven to be tough in marine, automotive, medical, aerospace, and architectural applications. YKK has adapted it to use with its patented design to bring flexibility and convenience to the marine industry. All one must do is simply clean the surface to which the snap is to be applied, peel off the protective paper backing, position and firmly hold the snap in place, and release. After application, the bond strength increases and approaches ultimate bond strength after 72 hours at 70°F (21°C). No tools, no waiting, no splits, no holes!

An important feature, walking on the SNAD® fastener is pain-free, unlike traditional snap fasteners, due to its unique dome shape. No more “ouch” on the boat deck!

This product is made from polyacetal, silicone, or 3M™ VHB™ tape. Troyer Products carries these products in black, white, and clear, in 25mm and 40mm sizes.

Value-added features include:

• No damage to the substrate, no screws or fasteners required.

• No tools required for installation

• Misplacements are easily corrected

• Conforms to non-slip deck

• Compatible with conventional snaps

• Adheres to curved surfaces

• UV-resistant materials

• Bonus! Made in the USA

Over Forty Years of Experience

From warehouse inventory management to hot seal cutting, Troyer Products has steadily amassed decades of experience in all things related to manufacturing supply and fulfillment. Located in the heart of the recreational vehicle industry, our Elkhart, Indiana location allows us to serve Original Equipment Manufacturers from our home base here in the “Crossroads of America.”

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