The Patented RV Lif-Table™

– A Historic Product Since 1966 –

Deep in the mists of Troyer Products history, a new idea was forged: a system that allows a small dinette table to be raised and lowered in place, via brackets and heavy custom-bent wire, easily convertible to a table or bed surface in a few easy steps. The US Patent for the folding “Lif-Table” was granted in 1966 to the R.E. Jackson Company.

The patent states, “This invention provides an article of furniture having the functions of both a table and a bed… where living space is at a premium, (as a) form of double-utilization of floor space where it is desirable.” This simple setup optimizes limited real estate within a variety of close-quarter living spaces including travel trailers, motor homes, boathouses, and even tiny houses. 

Troyer Products
was founded in 1976.

The company initially relied on the R.E. Jackson Company to fulfill its Lif-Table™ orders. Through a family connection, Troyer Products purchased the Lif-Table™ rights in 1992, whereupon it began supplying the Lif-Table™ directly to its appreciative customers. Troyer Products continues to supply the popular Lif-Table™ components, today.

RV Camper Original Lif-Table from Troyer Products

The design of the Lif-Table™ is both ingenious and simple.

In a quick, fluid motion, the attached support leg under the dinette top is moved out of the way; the table is then easily adjusted from the higher table position to the lowered sleeping position. Cushions are repositioned for a quick make-up of a comfy camping bed. The same action in reverse will return your sleeping area back to its original sturdy position for dining, table games, and stimulating conversation with your fellow travelers.

Originally, only four different configurations of the table assembly were offered; by 2001, 79 custom options were available!

Some components of the kit are no longer available from Troyer Products. There was an option for a semi-permanent bracket, which allowed the tabletop to be removed from its position inside and attached to another pair of brackets outside, for an al-fresco experience. These semi-permanent brackets (J004) are no longer available. Also, Troyer Products no longer offers table legs in our kits. Fortunately, they are easy to find online.

Components of the Lif-Table™ kits are available online. The parts can be purchased individually for replacement purposes or as a complete kit, for re-mounting of an existing tabletop. While we no longer have 79 customized options available, we do have 6 basic layouts that are very likely to work in your situation, and our customer service representatives are available to help you sort it out!

The kit continues to be utilized in a wide variety of new recreational vehicle applications. If you buy an RV this year, you are very likely to find a Lif-Table™ in use in your new portable home. We consider these to be the ultimate RV folding table solution! Thank you for stopping by, and happy camping! Have questions? Message us via the contact form on this page or give us a call @ 1-574-970-7070. 

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