Ultimate RV Mud Flaps from Troyer Products - Elkhart, Indiana

– Why Does Experience Matter? –

For one thing, with experience over time, the kinks in a process get worked out. The process becomes more smooth, and with hard work, continued attention, and positive input, the resulting product is— dare we say it? — perfected.

Troyer Products has 12 years of experience producing the highest-quality mud flaps. The blank material is sourced right here in Indiana. Our heavy-duty thermoplastic rubber flaps are a blend of finely ground rubber, primarily from used truck tires, bound in a plastic resin matrix. The material is extrudable, stable, strong, and available up to 96” wide and with rounded or square corners.


Renewable Quality

The rubber itself and the finished flaps can be recycled indefinitely, as can the waste material used in the manufacturing process. We are proud to be associated with our supplier for developing this reusable, Earth-friendly product.

We have several sizes and shapes of blanks in stock, but special sizes and configurations can be supplied. With our in-house design and printing capabilities, we can engineer your logo, or any text or graphic you desire, and hot stamp it right here.

With your order, you also receive the personal Troyer Products touch with delivery and stocking. We can take care of cycle counting so your line is never down due to a lack of mud flaps.

Of course, cost is always a concern: we understand. We take care to make sure our pricing is competitive and that you are completely satisfied with our work.

Getting You On The Road

It is no secret that Elkhart, Indiana is the RV capital of the world. As an Elkhart-based company, Troyer Products is prepared and equipped to provide YOU with fast service and the best products possible – including RV mud flaps.

Our team prides itself in our customer service and we strive to ensure you are well stocked and taken care of, no matter the size of your order – large or small! Trust Troyer Products to provide the best mud flaps possible for your RV projects!

Give Troyer Products a ring today @ 1.574.970.7070.

Proudly made in Indiana - Troyer Products, Elkhart, IN

About Troyer Products

From warehouse inventory management to hot seal cutting, we have steadily amassed decades of experience in all things related to manufacturing supply and fulfillment. Located in the heart of the recreational vehicle industry, our Elkhart, Indiana location allows us to serve Original Equipment Manufacturers from our home base here in the “Crossroads of America.”

Troyer Products primarily serves the OEM community, creating custom-made products (including our respected mud flaps) for a variety of purposes, supplying materials from our extensive warehouse, and providing cycle counting services (inventory management). We are experts at problem-solving and may just have the obscure part you need – or can help figure out a solution that does the trick. 


Ultimate RV Mud Flaps for Trucks, RVs and More - Troyer Products of Elkhart, Indiana
Proudly made in Indiana - Troyer Products, Elkhart, IN
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