Indiana has over 100 native tree species, each bringing their unique qualities to our Fall color display here. Indiana boasts many parks and forests that are simply spectacular with shows of ash-leafed and red maples in scarlet red and orange; black, silver, and sugar maples in bright yellow; hickories as well as the Indiana State Tree, the Tulip, glowing golden. Beech trees put on a dress of multicolor orange and gold, and the ever-present sumac provides a spectacular red.

United States Fall Foliage Outlook - AccuWeather

Fall colors begin to appear at the beginning of October. Colors generally peak in the last 2 weeks of October. Fall foliage in the area is expected to be vibrant, due to the sufficient rain this summer, and the sunny, but cool and dry, fall so far.

Well-known viewing spots include Brown County State Park, in the Southwest of the state. Hilly Clifty Falls State Park, overlooking the Ohio River, is found in Madison County. In Parke County, Turkey Run State Park is found, with a hikeable gorge from which to view the display.

Bonneyville Mill County Park - Elkhart County, Indiana Locally, check out Bonneyville Mill County Park with 222 acres and a working mill, continuously operating since the 1830s. Pick up some freshly stone-ground local flour for fall bread baking when you are done leaf-gazing!

To see where and when fall colors are likely to peak, check out this cool interactive map provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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