Elkhart County RVs Go West – Spotting Our Community’s Handiwork Across The Continent

“Hey, look! Another Elkhart County-made RV parked in Arizona!”

Elkhart County Manufactured RVs and Campers at an Arizona Campground - Elkhart County, The RV Capitol of the World

A trip to Arizona in March was a nice break from the late-winter Indiana weather. One amazing thing encountered when one takes a trip out into the Western US, is the parade of trailers, campers, and motor homes that are made right here in our northern Indiana home. What a great sense of pride to find evidence of the overwhelming dominance of the RV industry here.

Campgrounds are in high demand, and it’s always good to call ahead to make sure spots are available. State and national parks may be booked out weeks if not months in advance. Boondocking (parking/camping out in the wilderness without support of water or electrical hookups) is really popular, especially out in wild areas in the west, where one can find a solitary spot in a dark sky area and observe the Milky Way in its glory!Signs at the entrances to RV Campgrounds and Parks in the Western United States - Arizona - Troyer Products, Elkhart IN

It’s gratifying to see families out enjoying the outdoors together, and products made here in Indiana make it possible for many to take long-awaited and treasured time in beautiful, natural spaces.

Enjoy this interactive map of Arizona campgrounds, courtesy RV Life Campgrounds site. Sites across every US state can be accessed here, and the includes helpful reviews and is hugely informative.

Over Forty Years of Experience

From warehouse inventory management to hot seal cutting, Troyer Products has steadily amassed decades of experience in all things related to manufacturing supply and fulfillment. Located in the heart of the recreational vehicle industry, our Elkhart, Indiana location allows us to serve Original Equipment Manufacturers from our home base here in the “Crossroads of America.”

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