A Rapid Ramp Up for the RV Industry – Record High Shipments of RVs Reported in 2020

The weather in Northern Indiana is, thankfully, warming up, but the RV industry here is HOT! The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) says: “2021 (estimates) range from 494,400 to 519,900 units with a most likely outcome of 507,200 units, a 19.5 percent increase over 2020. The 507,200 units projected for 2021 would represent the best annual total on measurable record for the RV industry, eclipsing the 504,600 units shipped in 2017.”

We are looking at record-high shipments of RVs this year!

Wow! That’s certainly good news for RV-related businesses here, and for our recovering economy and workers. Northern Indiana’s centralized geographic position along with excellent transportation connections have made it a hub of RV production, and in fact, the “RV Manufacturing Capital of the World.” 80% of all RVs IN THE WORLD are made right here, with Indiana also selling the most RVs in the market.

The full-on press of manufacturing offers up some challenges, however, including supply chain gaps, time pressure, price increases for raw materials, and wrangling for workers. Competition for talent has raised wages and scaled up benefit packages as companies strive to fulfill their manufacturing commitments.

Troyer Products is proud to be a key supplier to the RV industry. The timing is right to check out positions at Troyer Products. We strive to take good care of our workers, offering competitive wages, a great work culture, and generous benefits. Check out our “Join Our Team” page for details!

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