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Nylon Nut #8 Screw Size

Nylon Nut #8 Screw Size – Package Quantity • 50

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Nylon Nut #8 Screw Size • Nylon Nuts: Used with metal tapping screws throughout the car (interior & exterior) for attachment. As a tapping screw is installed, it cuts its own thread and spreads the bottom part of the nut apart thus securing it in place. Nylon nuts can be found in door panels, headlight/front-end applications, license plate brackets, arm rests, instrument panels and many other areas.
  • Screw Size : #8
  • Natural Nylon
  • Fits : -2147483648
  • B00413X1PS
  • 10305191
  • TP Catalog Number
  • 10305

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