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TEXACRO® Brand Hook 70 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive – Package Quantity – One Roll

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TEXACRO® Brand Hook 70 Pressure Sensative Adhesive – 25 Yard Roll • TEXACRO® Brand Hook 70 PSA 32 is a pressure sensitive hook and loop nylon fastener closure system manufactured with woven nylon yarns and bound by an acrylic binder coating. The hook and loop parts are sold separately (the rougher side is the hook and the softer fuzzy side is the loop). HOOK 70 and LOOP 71 can be sewn to fabrics or applied to rigid surfaces using the factory applied rubber-based adhesive. Can be straight-cut or mated and cut. High tensile strength material for reusable fastening of many products. Long length, 25 yards (75 feet), for numerous applications. Backed with pressure sensitive rubber adhesive and protected by a removable liner.

  • Acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Made of Nylon
  • General purpose for a wide range of applications
  • Economical Alternitive to VELCRO® Brand
  • B007IC1ZZM

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