Baked in Benefits | Providing a Wholesome Work Environment at Troyer Products

Troyer Products recently filled several open job positions. We placed ads calling for workers, and a few would-be applicants critiqued the wages and declined our offers.

We are in an inflationary environment where both the cost of the products we purchase and the wages we pay are rising, and so these expectations are understandable. We have become very aware of the need for higher starting wages. But first of all, we want to respect our loyal and hard-working CURRENT employees. If we are able to raise wages, those who have served us well and demonstrated their loyalty are the ones who should benefit first. So, that is always a consideration when we attempt to hire new, unproven workers.

It is also important to remember, wages are only ONE aspect of a job experience. Other aspects to consider include:

  •  Is it a stable position, that is, you don’t have to worry about having your job discontinued? •Are the hours regular, so you can leave your job behind when you exit the building, and confidently plan your family and social life?
  • The physical environment: Is it a healthy, appealing space, with room to work, clean air to breathe, and warm enough in the depths of a midwest winter? Is safety a priority?
  • The management: Are supervisors fair, and good listeners, with reasonable expectations?
  • The people: Is the corporate culture one where people are encouraged to treat each other with respect, workers like each other, and work together harmoniously?
  • Is the coffee always fresh and hot, and do donuts or home-baked goods appear regularly?
    • (Oh, maybe that’s just here.)



And don’t forget what benefits add to wages. Benefits can add another 30% of value to an hourly rate. We are pleased to offer a generous benefits package at Troyer Products.

My father used to say, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” We are proud of the business we have created, our products adding form and functionality to the carefully engineered spaces within myriad RV and marine products built right here in Michiana. We are part of the local recreational vehicle manufacturing juggernaut and we are happy to help create products that allow us to get into the great outdoors; to drive, boat, and camp the U.S., meet new friends and visit family with less of the stress that has plagued us these last couple of years. We think that’s a great business mission!

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