“Alice asked the Cheshire Cat, who was sitting in a tree, “What road do I take?”

The cat asked, “Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know,” Alice answered.

“Then,” said the cat, “it really doesn’t matter, does it?”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Most people would agree that goals are important. A goal is more than a dream that exists only in your head; while pleasant to ruminate on, it will probably not materialize. A goal is something beyond a to-do list, which is a strict rundown of things that must be done ON THE WAY towards a goal (which may be, simply to get through the list!)A goal the president of Troyer Products had this year, was to climb Mount Whitney, the highest mountain within the lower 48 states of the U.S, peaking at 14,505 ft. above sea level.

Certainly, a to-do list was worked through. Carefully packing supplies and planning the route were critical. The goal, as it turned out, was not always in “sight.” Twists and turns along the route rendered the mountain hidden for much of the trek. With an alpine climate, the weather was very warm during the day but brutally cold as the wind picked up in the evening. The boss, his two young adult sons, and their intrepid friend Carlos from the Troyer Products sales team trudged ever upward through the physically demanding conditions by force of will, and with mental eyes focused on the GOAL: the summit of Mount Whitney.

After a final tedious climb, beginning at midnight and with the path lit by headlamps, the four emerged, exhausted, into the rarefied atmosphere at the peak — to take in the sunrise and the light-bathed expanse of California’s Sierras below. Carlos stated memorably, “It was both the best and worst day of my life.”

Made it! A new goal quickly became apparent: what goes up, must come down.

Weeks have passed, and Dan is back hard at work, as are Carlos, Joe, and Mikey. New goals are being formulated, many having to do with the future of Troyer Products and the Northern Indiana work environment. But what a nice respite to plan and meet a challenge that had been a dream, for years…. to envision the dream, make it a goal, and formulate a plan to make it happen. Kudos to the crew for their accomplishment!

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