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Honda Weatherstrip Retainer

Weatherstrip Retainer 7mm X 16mm – Package Quantity • 50

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Honda Weatherstrip Retainer 7mm X 16mm • Retaining Clips: Used for retaining door panels, interior trim, hood insulation, weatherstrip, splash guards, headliners and various fascia. Although OEM interior retainers come in a large variety of colors, the aftermarket parts are usually black or natural nylon. The body shop paints them to match the application as needed. There are several different variations of design. These parts are usually destroyed when removed.
  • Type : Double Head
  • Bottom Head Diameter : 7 x 16MM
  • Stem Diameter : 6MM
  • Stem Length : 10MM
  • White Nylon
  • B001Q5HG9Q
  • 90664-671-003
  • 91530-SE0-003
  • TP Catalog Number
  • 14328

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